About Bhoomi Educational Consultancy

Bhoomi Educational Consultancy Private Limited provides consultancy services to improve quality of education through planning and developing sustainable education systems in partnership with State Governments and Organizations. This is executed through capacity building of teachers, Head Teachers and District administration and be-spoke content development on English, Science, Maths and Social Science. The company initiates and executes innovative solutions and supports high-end planning and implementation of programmes, monitoring, research and evaluation. The company supports and provides professional, technical and academic support to government and private organizations, corporate, institutions, and other agencies.

Board of Directors, Advisors and Consultants of Bhoomi Educational Consultancy comprise of renowned educationists and administrators who have made remarkable effort in the field of Education and Human Resource Development. To get more information about the team, view this page.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create sustainable quality education systems through services that encourage enhanced results in student learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support organizations and governments to design and implement innovative education solutions that result in enhanced student learning outcomes.

Our Objectives

  • To provide Technical Assistance in preparation of plan proposal, Report, Curriculum Development, Evaluation Studies, Perspective Plans.
  • To support state government's to implement and execute innovative solutions in schools.
  • To develop the capacities of State and District functionaries, head teachers and teachers in order to ensure effective education management.
  • To develop and provide be-spoke content on English, Science, Maths and Social Science that are designed to connect to state realities.
  • To develop and improve programmes through continuous research and evaluation of current education scenarios.

"Empowering Sustainable Education"