Our Services

Advisory Services

A group of experts are available for providing advisory services on the following areas:

  • Preparation of Detailed Proposal and Project Reports (DPR)
  • Preparation of Detailed guideline for implementing the project.
  • Planning for developing quality education programmes.
  • Development of Educational Resources in Curricular and Co-Curricular areas
  • Training Need Assessment and Capacity Development of key stakeholders.
  • Governance and Management
  • Vocational Education in Secondary Schools
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
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Programme Design and Implementation Services

A group of consultants are engaged in designing and implementation services.

  • Teacher Education and Training of Education Managers
  • Remedial teaching and Student Learning
  • Governance Systems and Management Reforms
  • Systematic Reforms
  • Vocational Education
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Schools
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Research and Evaluation

Research and analysis wing are engaged for providing services to transforming standards of educational practices. Our aim is to ensure that research yields information that can further enhance student learning

  • Assessments and Evaluation
  • Analysis through GIS software
  • Mapping of educational institutes through GIS
  • Survey of schools
  • Qualitative Research
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GIS & Remote Sensing Services

Our GIS & Remote Sensing Services is divided into the following sub services which are offered by expert consultants working with us, by using the latest technologies.

  • Utility AM/FM Mapping
  • Topographical Mapping
  • Data Capture, Conversion and Integration
  • Geographic Database Creation and Updating
  • Data Analysis and Report Generation
  • Custom Application Development
  • GIS Consulting and Implementation
  • Satellite Imaging & Image Processing
  • Land Use and Land Cover Mapping
  • Stereo Satellite Data Processing
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"Empowering Sustainable Education"